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You can now stuff whatever you want inside Randy Moss

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The great state of West Virginia has chosen to honor Randy Moss with his very own commemorative envelope. It's an honor they've only ever bestowed on two other athletes: Mary Lou Retton and Jerry West. The fact that Kevin Pittsnogle didn't get his own envelope, I consider to be a great oversight.

"Randy Moss is to football what Tiger Woods is to golf," said District Manager Karen Schenck, who will make a presentation to Moss. "The Postal Service wanted to honor Mr. Moss, so we designed a commemorative envelope as a fitting tribute to his many talents."

Now, I'm as big a Randy Moss supporter as anyone, but you know ... calm yourself, lady. The Tiger Woods of football? If football had a Tiger Woods, that fellow would've won 11 straight Super Bowls, each by about 85 points, and been the MVP of every single one of them.

But that doesn't mean the guy doesn't deserve his own envelope. I think they're beautiful. I can't wait to get one, and fill it with straight cash, homey.

Congrats, Randy. I look forward to stuffing your envelope just as tightly as I stuffed Mary Lou Retton's.

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