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NHL to sell ad space on jerseys; will NFL follow?

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Several National Hockey League goalies are petitioning the league to be allowed to sell advertising space on their jerseys. What's this have to do with the NFL, you might ask? Absolutely nothing, other than the fact that advertising-on-jerseys is something that's probably only a matter of time in every American sport.

And I'm fine with it. If highly-obtrusive advertising was a big problem for me, I'd have had to quit watching the NFL a long time ago. If I can put up with logos and slogans all through the stadium, all over the scoreboard, every three minutes on television, etc., I could find a way to deal with a Samsung logo on the Chargers uniforms.

People would complain at first, and sure, right now, it's almost unfathomable to think about a big Budweiser logo on the Packers uniforms, an AT&T logo on the Browns uniforms, or a huge Extreme Surveillance logo on the Patriots uniforms.

But you'd adjust. In a couple of months, no one would even think about. Nearly every European soccer club has some company advertising on the front of their jerseys, and it doesn't effect the passion of their fans. I know you love the Rams and everything, but do you love them so much that you've ever agreed to fight 30 Falcons fans with baseball bats and pocket knives at a pre-determined location before the game?

I didn't think so. But fans of teams with "" and "AIG" on their jerseys do it all the time. Question their fanhood, and you will lose teeth.

Besides, this would also get me one step closer to being able to accomplish my life's dream: To become rich enough to purchase the Oakland Raiders and immediately sign a 500-year, binding, non-voidable contract with Vagisil to be the team's sponsor. I'd put the Vagisil logo right on the eyepatch in the logo, put it across the front of everyone's jersey, and on the back, right underneath every player's name, it would read, "...PROUDLY USES VAGISIL."

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