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Shutdown Corner

Can’t miss moments: Palmer’s woes, Newton’s win and, yes, Tebow

Shutdown Corner

Shutdown Corner brings you the best plays and dramatic highlights from the Week 7 in the NFL in one convenient package.

Worst tackling obscured by talented rookie

Carolina Panthers rookie Cam Newton is hard to tackle, more in a Ben Roethlisberger "he's tough to tackle" way than the Michael Vick "he's tough to get a hand on" way, but still difficult nonetheless. Newton looked like both those veterans combined, plus a little John Elway, Fran Tarkenton and Steve Young in eluding a woeful Washington Redskins defense during Sunday's Panthers victory:

Pictures are worth 1,000 howls of pain

T.J. Lang says he was proud of himself for keeping his cool after getting kicked in the "sweet spots" by Brian Robison.

Saddest quote from a coach whose job security consists of unnamed team sources telling news outlets that "nah, we're not going to fire him quite yet"

"If I don't call timeout we're all (explicit). Now I'm getting fired." -- Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, to officials on the field of Sunday's game, while trying to get them to review a touchdown pass he thought was dropped.{YSP:more}

Take that, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Louis Lipps and Morley Safer:

Mike Wallace's 95-yard touchdown catch was the longest such reception in Pittsburgh Steelers history. It's already the third 90-plus-yard TD reception of the season.

If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything

Carson Palmer's debut with the Oakland Raiders, ladies and gentlemen:

The kicker who tackles better than most NFL teams

Earlier, you saw the Washington Redskins treat Cam Newton like he had leprosy. Here's Houston Texans kicker Neil Rackers laying a big hit on a Tennessee Titans kick returner. Also, Marv Albert, they call punter Brett Harttmann "The Hitman" for a very different reason.

Somewhere in the vicinity of this tackle, Ndamukong Suh may or may not have taunted Matt Ryan

If you thought the drama between Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz was overwrought, that had nothing on the Suh-Ryan did he/didn't he drama. The story is that Suh rejoiced in Ryan's injury, taunted him while he was on the ground and instructed him to take a cart off the field. Is it true? Suh says it isn't while Rodney Roddy White insists that it is. Either way, Suh's goal is accomplished. With ferocious play, a few words and some sensitive players, he's cultivated a reputation as the most-feared defensive lineman in the league.

And last, but certainly not least handsome, it's Tebow time

Look at the game this way: the man Tim Tebow is most often compared to waited a long time to start performing miracles too. Tim was just biding him time those first 55 minutes.

Three to watch next week: 1) Dallas at Philadelphia; 2) New England at Pittsburgh; 3) Detroit at Denver (If Suh taunts Tebow, that's like breaking one of the commandments)

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