Will the NFL suspend or fine Dashon Goldson for this illegal hit? (Video)

Frank Schwab

Dashon Goldson wiggled out of a suspension less than two weeks ago for a hit on New Orleans running back Darren Sproles, getting it overturned on appeal. Will the Buccaneers safety be that lucky this time around?

The NFL will review Goldson's hit in Sunday's game that drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. Cardinals receiver Jaron Brown went up for a catch along the sideline, and Goldson hit Brown just as he landed.

It doesn't appear Goldson hit Brown with his helmet (he lowered his head just before impact but it appeared he hit Brown with his shoulder), but the flag came down anyway. It was costly to the Buccaneers. The penalty gave the hapless Arizona offense 15 yards with 1:50 left in the fourth quarter and the game tied 10-10. The Cardinals got a game-winning field goal on that drive.

Goldson's hit on Sproles two weeks ago was his 15th personal foul, at that point the most in the NFL since 2010. Defensive players around the league have been complaining about the huge fines being handed down to them (Goldson got a $100,000 fine for the hit on Sproles after his suspension was overturned, and he had a $30,000 fine for a hit in Week 1), and there's sure to be more outcry if the league punishes repeat offender Goldson for his hit this week.

Is his latest hit worth a suspension, fine, or neither?

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