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NFL reportedly mulling expanding the playoffs to 14 teams

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (USA Today Sports Images)

The NFL's playoff field is fine as is, with 12 teams, six in each conference. Yet, the league seems intent on messing with it.

ESPN reported that the league is "urgently" discussing expanding the playoffs to 14 teams. Because the playoffs need to be watered down some more, apparently.

The real reason for this, of course, comes back to money. As part of this new scheduling proposal, the NFL would cut the preseason down to three games (great idea), but would need to make up that revenue somehow (of course) and the solution is another playoff team in each conference.

The report said that in a previous interview NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said it's unlikely any changes happen in 2014.

Perhaps that will give the league some time to reconsider making the NFL playoff field too bloated by adding a couple of barely-.500 teams to the mix.

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