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NFL personnel men asked, Brady or Manning? One won in a blowout

The Peyton Manning or Tom Brady debate will probably live on forever, no matter what happens when Denver plays New England in Sunday's AFC championship game, but Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman had a great idea: Ask the people paid to evaluate NFL talent.

So Freeman asked eight NFL personnel men the simple question, who is the better quarterback right now? Seven of the eight took Brady over Manning, who is going to win his fifth MVP this year.

Freeman asked what their answer would have been last year, and it was 6-2 Brady. Five years ago? That vote was tied 4-4.


It's a tiny sample size but the 7-1 blowout is pretty surprising, given that Manning is coming off what is probably the greatest regular season in NFL history.

While it's tough to argue against Brady, obviously one of the greatest players ever, the main thing Freeman heard from the Brady voters was that he has done "more with less."

That's flawed logic many times, and not true in this case. Brady has actually done less with less. Far less. Brady had 1,134 fewer yards, 20 fewer touchdowns, and a rating 27.8 points lower. He even had one fewer win, if you're into that stat. So, no, he really hasn't done more with less.

Just because a player has good teammates, which Manning undoubtedly has, doesn't mean he can't be good as well. That doesn't make any sense. Anyone who argues that this player or that player should be MVP because his supporting cast was worse, and that's their only argument, is wrong.

OK, rant over.

This is still a panel of people who know football better than anyone (but some of their brethren still took JaMarcus Russell No. 1 overall and Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert in the first round, so they don't have a flawless record either no matter how brilliant they are) who would take Brady in a landslide. And there's something to be said about that. Again, he's one of the all-time greats, has done a tremendous job this season, and probably superior physically to the 37-year-old Manning at this point.

It's just another layer to the best individual argument in sports.

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