NFL draft: Florida DT Dominique Easley prefers cartoons to watching football

Eric Edholm
February 22, 2014

INDIANAPOLIS — Red flags for NFL prospects come in all forms.

Speed, strength, medical — they run the gamut as NFL scouts, coaches and general managers grill and prod the 335 players attending the scouting combine, looking for reasons not to draft players as much as anything else.

So Florida DT Dominique Easley had better hope that his conversations with NFL teams goes a little differently than the one he had with a small group of media on Saturday.

Easley is a man of few words, but that's not the problem. When asked who he compares himself to, skill-wise, in the NFL, Easley's response was eye-opening.

“I don’t really watch football," he said, "so I just try to be who I am.”

Wait, what? As in, not at all?

“I like to play. I don’t like to watch on TV,” he said.

Easley was asked if he ever has made it through an entire NFL game.

“Not start to finish," Easley said. "I might change it to a cartoon or something.”

(For the record, he's a big fan of the Rocket Power cartoon for those keeping score at home.)

So wait, you don't watch, like, the Super Bowl? What's the most of an NFL game you've watch, Dominique?

“About two quarters,” he said.

Yikes. Easley already must answer questions about the ACL injury that cut his 2013 season short, which was his second ACL tear in a two-year span. Although the product on the field showed am explosive inside rusher for the Gators before he was hurt, this is the kind of thing that really can turn off certain franchises.

Easley said he's committed to doing film study when it comes to getting better. But is he worried that his lack of interest in the NFL be constituted as a bit of a troubling thing for scouts who likely prefer football junkies?

“No," he said. "Just because you’re not watching football doesn’t mean you don’t love football. I have another life also.”

We think some folks making draft picks this May will beg to differ.

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