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NFL directs teams to show fantasy stats in stadiums

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If you're attending an NFL game this Sunday, you might find that the scoreboards are a little more cluttered than usual. The NFL is mandating that all the teams around the league show the fantasy statistics of individual players on their scoreboards.

Why? Tell us about it, Michael McCarthy of USA Today, and NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

The reason is simple: In today's struggling economy, the NFL is worried fans will watch games for free at home rather [than] shelling out cash for tickets, parking, food and beers at stadiums.

If I can just interrupt for a quick second: Make it cheaper.

"We know we have to continue to do more to keep fans coming to our games," McCarthy says. "We're looking at ways to further replicate the at-home experience in the stadium."

Seriously. Just make it cheaper.

Michael McCarthy raises the question of what the scoreboard stats will do more: please fantasy football owners, or infuriate purists. Myself, I don't see much of a debate there, mainly because "fantasy football stats" are also "stats." I don't think you're going to hear anyone scream, "Stop telling me that Ryan Grant has 11 carries for 54 yards! That knowledge ruins everything!"

They're just stats. It's not like stadiums will display on the big board, "Ryan Grant has 5 points in standard leagues, 9 points in PPR leagues, and his latest reception has just given Uncle Tony's Midnight Express a 1.25-point lead over The Flatulent Flounders." That, indeed, would be annoying.

But none of this is necessary. Anyone who cares that much about their fantasy team will be getting their own customized updates on their phone. If you want to get people to the stadium, stop trying to give them things they can get more easily, more efficiently and for free at home. Don't "replicate the at-home experience." I'm at home every day. Give me something I can't get at home.

Also, make it cheaper.

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