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NFL’s new bag policy gets off to a hassle-filled start for some fans


The NFL has been doing its best to spread the word of its new bag policy implemented after the Boston Marathon bombing, which pretty much restricts anything but clutch purses and clear bags from being brought into the stadium. That means no backpacks, large purses or diaper bags.

Some people didn't hear about the new policy, and that created an issue at stadiums that hosted preseason openers on Thursday night. Other people simply don't like the new policy.

The picture above was sent to us by Ben Aguirre (who is @cardboardicons on Twitter), and he said after attending the 49ers-Broncos preseason game at Candlestick Park on Thursday, he waited an hour to get his bag from the bag-check stand. Here's another photo of the large group waiting:

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The new policy led to some issues for fans. in Atlanta had a story with some fans complaining about the new policy, including one who didn't get her expensive purse back:

Vanita Jefferson said workers gave her purse to someone else.

"I was really upset about not getting my purse back because that was over a $200 purse and you don't get it back," Jefferson said.

Some fans in Cleveland were upset too because they were unaware of the nuances of the policy, according to a story from

The new policy requires fans to enter with certain clear totes, clear plastic zip-lock bags and or small clutches. While there’s an exception to the rules for necessary medical equipment, Angela Condo didn’t get that treatment Thursday.

Condo said upset, “I just thought it was going to be, just no backpacks or anything. I didn't know you know, no purses. I mean I have to carry an EpiPen and allergy drugs in case I get stung. I think it's just kind of demeaning that all my personal stuff's going to be in this plastic bag that I'm carrying around.”

Women seem most affected by the new policy, and some took to Twitter to complain:

So things didn't go too smoothly for some people as the NFL implements its new bag policy. Teams sent out letters to season-ticket holders, some teams even sent bags that are compliant with the new policy. Yet there were major hassles for some fans. Some of it should get easier as fans become more aware and used to the policy. We hope so anyway.

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