Monday Night Live Chat, Week 14: Rams (+10 ½) @ Seahawks

Shutdown Corner

The last time the Rams were on Monday Night Football, it was week two and they were playing the Giants, and everyone was all like, "Hey, Rams vs. Giants! We've got a really good game!" This time, it's the Rams vs. Seahawks, or, as I'm calling it, "ESPN's Shame."

The point is, you never know what to expect. Is it likely that Tom Brandstater throws for 500 yards and six touchdowns tonight? No. But is it possible? I guess that all depends on how hard he prays. And from what I understand, Tom Brandstater brings the prayer ruckus.

We'll be here throughout the game with running commentary, observations, insights, polls, blatant lies and a high level of interactivity with you, our dear reader.

We'll get it started a few minutes before kickoff. See you then.