Media day: What I missed

I mentioned yesterday in this (extremely well-received) post that Media Day held little interest for me, though a small part of me was secretly afraid that I'd come home yesterday and read about a bunch of awesome stuff that I missed.

That didn't happen.

But that doesn't mean there's not some cool stuff out there to read. Deadspin has the most morose recap of the event, and they generally make the event sound about as cheerful as watching Requiem for a Dream in an abandoned opium den.

A more cheerful take comes from Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog, who has the incredible ability to squeeze something interesting out of any mundane environment. He tells tales of beards, astrologers, someone named Kellie Pickler, the girl asking players to marry her (I wonder what would've happened if any of them had said yes, and offered to drive her up to Vegas that evening ... I bet she was all talk), and a bunch more. I think this quote from Dan sums up the day pretty well:

I think you could put 110 random people at podiums and have media freaks dressed like astrologists interviewing them and it would probably be of equal value to the world, but it's still kinda fun.

Michael David Smith at the FanHouse took more of a nuts-and-bolts approach, and did manage to scribble down a handful of of interesting (if not entirely newsworthy) quotes. He's got Sal Palantonio brushing off Kellie Pickler, a Patriots wide receiver who won't catch a ball on Sunday talking about his stylist named Peaches, and Michael Strahan admitting his jealousy of Tom Brady.

Elsewhere, Hashmarks had some coverage of it, and Richard Deitsch of liveblogged it, and Chris Mottram of the Sporting News relays a humorous exchange with the bilingual Laurence Maroney.