The Madden vs. Caliendo feud is coming to a head

Frank Caliendo's gotten pretty famous off of his John Madden impression, despite the fact that Madden doesn't care for it one damn bit.

Despite this, there's never really been anything Madden could do about it, unless he wanted to strike back with his own Caliendo impression, which I'm guessing wouldn't be nearly as popular. Though it would be neat to see him try.

Madden's found an outlet for his anger, though, as he and Charles Barkley have threatened legal action if Dish Network didn't stop running ads in which Caliendo does his Madden impression. If you haven't seen the impression (which probably means you don't own a TV, computer, or like sports), here's one of my favorite renditions of it:

I'm a big Madden fan, and it disappoints me a bit that he's not down with the Caliendo impression. To me, it doesn't seem mean-spirited in any way (and maybe Madden could put this in a better perspective if he read some of the comments here). Maybe I missed something along the way, but Madden does strike me as the kind of guy who'd have a sense of humor about himself. I don't know. Again, I love the guy, but I think he's being a bit of a monkey about this.

I'm no lawyer (though I have seen both episodes of Cantebury's Law, so I kind of know what I'm talking about), but it seems to me that the ads pretty clearly fall under the satire umbrella. If Madden wants to get back at Caliendo, I think he's just going to have to fight him.

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