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Let my Dawg Pound go: Browns kicker doesn’t want to be Moses

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Though Phil Dawson's journey began as an undrafted free agent on the shores of the Erie rather than as an abandoned child on the banks of the Nile, he still feels a certain kinship with Moses.

The kicker is the only member of the Cleveland Browns who has been with the team since its reincarnation in 1999. He's a free agent this season and the team wants him back, but Dawson, whose family lived in Texas this year, is unsure if he wants to return. This puts him in a difficult spot. After years of wandering through the NFL wilderness with a mediocre team, Dawson doesn't want to abandon them at a crucial moment.

"I don't want to be Moses," Dawson told the Associated Press on Monday. "I don't want to lead people right to the edge and not get to go in."

That quote is great, but isn't nearly as amusing as Dawson believing that his team, which lost nine of its last 10 games and hasn't made the playoffs in nearly a decade, is on "the edge."

"There's going to be so many things, I can't prioritize them at this point," Dawson continued. "We just lost to the Steelers 20 hours ago and that still hurts. I need to get home and eat a burrito."

Just like Moses did when he got back from the burning bush.

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