Law school or the NFL? Ohio State linebacker chooses torts over tackles

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Given today's economy, any recent college grad would consider themselves lucky to have two viable options. Andrew Sweat, former linebacker at Ohio State, does have two options, and he's choosing to be a 1L instead of an LB.

He had a chance to make the Cleveland Browns roster as an undrafted free agent, but instead declared on Twitter that he was heading to law school.

Fair enough. Sweat did sustain a concussion in college and if that, plus the ongoing concern surrounding football-related head injuries, has persuaded him that the NFL isn't a good option, then it doesn't seem like it's an unreasonable decision. Not that it would be my place to call it reasonable or unreasonable.

Some did criticize, though. Eli Mystal, a former lawyer and current editor of legal blog Above the Law, took Sweat to task over bailing on the NFL, saying the decision was "the biggest mistake of his life." Deadspin followed suit.

Sweat responded, again via Twitter.

I suppose that does add another layer of sense to things. His dad can get him a job in the legal field, so unless Andrew Sweat was raised in an "Andrew has two daddies" situation and the other one is Pat Shurmur, then the law thing is probably more of a slam dunk. It would be hard to fault a guy for taking the sure thing.

Of course, I'd say the same thing about following his dream to the NFL, too. But maybe that's just it ‒ maybe the NFL isn't his dream. Maybe he's like Judge Petrovsky and law was his destiny.

In any case, good luck to him. Everybody's got choices to make about their future, and it seems like Andrew Sweat is in a pretty sweet position, no matter which path he chooses. Maybe one day he'll get to help defend the NFL from the onslaught of concussion-related lawsuits it's facing.

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