Larry Fitzgerald and Kevin Kolb exchange candy hearts


Larry Fitzgerald(notes) likes Kevin Kolb(notes). Kevin Kolb likes Larry Fitzgerald. They totally want to be together.

A week after Fitzgerald told the Cardinals he'd like the team to acquire Eagles backup Kevin Kolb this offseason, Kolb admitted the feeling was mutual. From, via an interview with Kolb on WIP in Philadelphia:

"I mean, if he's not the best, he's one of the best receivers in the NFL, superstar," Kolb said. "For a guy like that to say something about me, it means a lot. And it's awfully flattering, and I hope that if something happens, their name comes up."

Maybe it's best for Kolb to not be too flattered by Fitzgerald's interest. The man did play last season with John Skelton(notes), Max Hall(notes) and Derek Anderson(notes).

I mean, it's nice that someone's interested, but it's sort of like being the romantic preference of a lady who's currently in a relationship with an excessively hairy crystal meth addict who was arrested twice this weekend for indecent exposure at the Justin Bieber movie.

It would make sense to get Kolb and Fitzgerald together, and honestly, it would be good for football. Fitzgerald, with those three undesirables at quarterback, still had 90 catches, 1,100 yards and six touchdowns last year.

With a decent quarterback -- and I'm not on the "Kevin Kolb is awesome" bandwagon, but surely, he's better than what the Cardinals have right now -- we all get to enjoy Fitzgerald's talent a little bit more.

The Cardinals have the fifth pick in the draft, too, where they'd likely have their choice of Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton.