Kellen Winslow lets no man tell him where to put his toes


Former Pro Bowl tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., now a Seattle Seahawk, had spent the last three years as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. He arrived in Tampa at the same time as head coach Raheem Morris, who is now also a former Buccaneer.

According to Winslow, one had a lot to do with the other. Had Morris not been fired, he'd probably still want to be a Buccaneer, because he didn't care for the new guy, Greg Schiano. But don't worry, he had a perfectly good reason: Greg Schiano tried to tell people what to do.

Tell us more, Kellen. And make sure it's REAL (scroll ahead to the 4:20 mark).

Wait, wait, wait. Are you telling me that there's a football coach out there who does not appreciate tomfoolery during practice? And that he tells his players what to do? And he does so in a gruff voice?! No, I say!

How has Kellen Winslow gotten to this point in his career if he can't abide a surly football coach?

That Winslow loved Raheem Morris so much is really great, but you'd think as a veteran player in the NFL, he'd be able to handle a different style of coaching. Or at least understand that, as someone who hasn't had more than 1,000 yards in a season but once, he isn't really in a position to call the shots on the head coach.

One thing I do agree with Winslow about is that it's time to forget the whole "Soldier" thing. OK, maybe not forget about it, because it's just too funny ‒ in fact, here's a link ‒ but to stop holding it against him. It was eight years ago. He was a frustrated and emotional teenager. Let's not hold it against him anymore.

Of course, things like this don't help, either.

Gracias, Real Rob Report and Tampa Bay Times.