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Watch the first John Madden video game and marvel how far the series has come

For those who once played in an arcade, believed Oregon Trail was a great computer game, and still have blisters from that Atari joystick, the first John Madden football game is another fun trip down memory lane.

As New York and New Jersey prepare for Super Bowl XLVIII next month, Astoria’s Museum of the Moving Image is hosting an exhibit titled, “Madden NFL: 25 Years and Running." It began on Thursday and is open to the public until February 23.

Here is a description from the museum’s website:

“The exhibition explores this landmark series, highlighting the game's focus on sports simulation, and its aesthetic evolution and enduring cultural legacy. In addition to the five playable games, from the original John Madden Football (1988) on Apple II to the latest release Madden NFL 25 (2013) on Xbox One, presented as a large-scale projection, the exhibition also features a dynamic timeline charting milestones in the series' development highlighted by gameplay footage from each year.”

There is only one negative aspect about this exhibit.

If you were old enough to remember when this game was initially released, like me, apparently your memories are so ancient, they can be displayed in a museum. It also means Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Boy George, Diana Ross, and Prince can safely be heard in elevators throughout the country.

Let the kids laugh.

One day Madden NFL 25 will be in a museum, too.

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