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Shutdown Corner

Jimmy Kimmel viewers turn off Super Bowl to torment friends and family (video)

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Jimmy Kimmel advised his viewers to turn off the Super Bowl at a key moment of the game and record the reactions of everyone in the room. I like Jimmy Kimmel just fine, but this is tantamount to treason.

This is painful to watch, like the guy bouncing on the tightrope during Madonna's halftime show. The turner-offers are putting their friends and family through cruel and unusual punishment all for a few seconds of glory on a seventh-rated late-night talk show. Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but at least her famewhoring gets her paid.

Maybe I'm too worked up. I once got mad at my dad for cutting a pie during a Redskins game because I thought he jinxed the team, so I clearly don't have the proper perspective. Judge for yourself.

As always, a mustachoied gentleman had the proper respective. The guy at the 1:50 mark looks at his friend, punches him in the arm and calls him an "a-----" before calmly going back to his seat. Preach on, brother.

Other highlights: The guy who looks like Stacy Keach (1:10), the kids smoking from a hookah (2:30), the dude at the 3:50 mark and the entire Christmas tree bit.

None of the aggrieved parties deserved that fate. Well, except for the guy wearing the Brett Favre Jets jersey. He totally had it coming.

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