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Jim Schwartz does not believe in weather

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At least, he doesn't believe it's a factor when preparing for a football game. Jim Schwartz's Detroit Lions head to Tampa on Sunday to play the Bucs, where it's scheduled to be 90 degrees with scattered thunderstorms. And because it's in Florida, I assume that the humidity will be somewhere between 114 percent and Swamp Thing's crotch.

Is this something for which the Detroit Lions should prepare? Not at all, says Schwartz, via the Detroit Free Press.

Rather than crank up the heat and practice indoors Monday, the Lions spent the morning working outside on their back practice field in crisp, low-60-degree weather.

"That's foolishness," Schwartz said when asked about practicing inside the climate-controlled facility. "We don't pipe in crowd noise, and we don't open up the doors and make it cold, and we don't try to smoke the team out. It's just a bunch of foolishness."

I know nothing about preparing 45 men for a football game in Tampa, so I'll defer to Jim Schwartz here. He's good at what he does. It's hard to simulate weather conditions, but I know a lot of good coaches have embraced the foolishness of simulating crowd noise, though.

Joe Bucs Fan calls Schwartz "wonderfully clueless" and looks forward to the advantage the Bucs will have frolicking about in the nasty stickiness that they call home.

What do you you think? Is Schwartz making a mistake here?

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