The Jets came between Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez, according to TMZ

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has broken up with Eva Longoria, the actress who was once married to NBA player Tony Parker. Why is this news on a football blog? It's what TMZ reported as the cause of the break-up: the Jets.

Yes, the Jets have struggled this year. The team is 3-4, and they just dropped a tough game to the New England Patriots. According to TMZ and its many ellipses, the team's rough season caused Sanchez to be in a bad mood, which put a strain on their blossoming relationship.

Sources connected to the former couple tell us ... they broke up because Mark was impossible for Eva to be around because he was in such a crappy mood over the NY Jets' horrible season.

As one source puts it, "It's hard to maintain a relationship when one person is upset all the time."

Of course, this is TMZ, so take this news with a big shaker of salt. Still, you can see how the stress would get to Sanchez. He not only has a losing record, but the Tim Tebow shadow looms large. Even though it doesn't appear likely that Tebow could take Sanchez's starting role, the constant questions could also add to Sanchez's crabby mood.