Jerry Jones compares Tony Romo’s intellect to Saints guru Sean Payton

Anwar S Richardson
August 27, 2013

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has received every label from rising star to underachiever in his career, but nobody has ever compared him to an offensive genius.

Well, at least until now.

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones compared Romo’s offensive mind to that of New Orleans coach Sean Payton, who most NFL observers view as the league’s best play caller. He also said Bill Parcells, former Cowboys head coach and recent Hall of Fame inductee, endorsed Romo having more input in Dallas' offense.

"Bill knows Tony well and he has always had a real appreciation for Romo's approach and his intellect relative to play calling relative to seeing and understanding the game," Jones said Tuesday on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM in Dallas via ESPN’s Calvin Watkins. "He's unique in that way. In a way, Tony has some of the kind of skills you might see in a Sean Payton."

Just none of Payton's results, like several playoff victories and a Super Bowl title, so far.

Jones also explained why Parcells believed Romo should be more involved offensively.

"It is also just the flair for being able to see it and being creative out there," Jones said. "In visiting with Bill, he thought it was something we really ought to take advantage of is Tony's ability to see the field, call the plays and make more decisions out there."

It is hard to blame Jones for building up Romo as the greatest thing to his Dallas since AT&T Stadium.

Jones invested a lot of money into a player with only playoff victory. He'd better believe Romo is a genius to spend that kind of dough, even if the comparison to Payton is a reach.

The true measuring stick of any NFL quarterback is how they stack up to Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, New England’s Tom Brady, or New Orleans’ Drew Brees. In order to be mentioned among the big three, a quarterback needs a Super Bowl ring - first. Once he has that prerequisite, then it is fair to compare him among the league’s greats. Romo is not in the same conversations as Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Piitsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger, Denver's Peyton Manning or Baltimore's Joe Flacco right now.

Romo has played well this preseason, and there is no denying he has a lot of upside.

But any comparisons between Romo and an offensive guru is a little extreme, even by preseason hype standards.
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