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I've followed the hookers to Arizona

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I apologize for the paucity of blog output yesterday, but I read this bit of news in the morning, and I had to move quickly to make emergency travel plans and withdraw large sums of cash. From the AP report:

The Phoenix area, which already is known among hookers as a lucrative stop in the winter because of the snowbirds, is expected to be irresistible to sex workers this year.

The Fiesta Bowl already brought thousands of football fans to the region at the beginning of January. And the Super Bowl was preceded by the Barrett Jackson car show and will be played on the final day of the FBR Open golf tournament, both major draws for wealthy, vacationing men.

"It's a big deal this year," said Tammy Marie Pagel, a 31-year-old local hooker who was recently jailed in Phoenix but was scheduled to be released the week before the Super Bowl.

So yeah, I'm in Arizona, and hopefully, we'll have some cool stuff coming your way this week. Details will be made available as they happen, because, to be honest with you, I have no idea what things are going to be like this week.

As for the hooker story ... I can promise you that I'm going to be on top of it. Or underneath it. Or behind it. Whatever I can afford.

• Traveling 'circuit girls' flock to Super Bowl / SportingNews

(A quick post script: In the process of putting this post together, my internet connection slowed down considerably, and shortly after, I received this message:

The SolutionIP Server has detected questionable traffic originating from this computer. Your service has been slowed to 56K for the next 10 minutes.

I assume it's because I searched "prostitute" in looking for an image go along with the post ... I wasn't aware that I was staying at a Puritan-run hotel.

But I've learned my lesson. No more "prostitute" searches in the AP database. No, I'm going to log off now, hang my head in shame, and do something wholesome ... like walk four feet across the room and order some of the wide array of hardcore pornography that the establishment's made available to me on pay-per-view.)

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