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Isaac Sopoaga has the most interesting pregame intro this year

Shutdown Corner

Move over all you NFL players from The U, guys who played their college football at Hawaii are giving you a run for the money in the "let's see how ridiculous we can make our taped pregame introduction" department.

I present Isaac Sopoaga(notes), defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers:

The war paint is presumably a nod to Sopoaga's Samoan heritage (or his college days in Hawaii), while the sticking out of the tongue is a homage to petulant 7-year-old girls everywhere.

Another interesting tidbit from the intro: Taylor Mays(notes), the rookie cornerback out of USC, named his high school instead of his college. By itself that's nothing special; plenty of players do it. But could it be that Mays still is harboring a grudge against his old coach Pete Carroll, who didn't draft him to Seattle?

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