Indianapolis Colts shock the San Francisco 49ers, so should 49ers fans be worried at all?

Frank Schwab

Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers just can't figure out the San Francisco 49ers. He didn't again in Week 1 as the 49ers threw for more than 400 yards. Why does this matter in Week 3? Because it seems like everyone other than Capers has the 49ers down cold.

Last week, Colin Kaepernick's extreme struggles could be excused by having to play a very good Seattle defense. There's no such excuse this week. Indianapolis came into San Francisco and dominated the 49ers, and nobody looked worse than Kaepernick.

San Francisco lost 27-7 at home to Indianapolis. The defending NFC champs are 1-2, two games behind Seattle in the NFC West. The scary thing for the 49ers is that, at home, the Colts played the 49ers' game and did it better. The Colts were tougher, ran the ball better, and their young quarterback was better too.

Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 95 yards, newly-acquired Trent Richardson had 35 rushing yards and quarterback Andrew Luck didn't have to do it all, but had an efficient 164-yard day. Nobody just runs the ball right at the 49ers defense with any success, but the Colts sure did.

Kaepernick followed up a 13-of-28, 127-yard, three-interception game against the Seahawks by completing 13-of-27 passes for 150 yards, an interception and a fumble against the Colts. Indianapolis' defense isn't on the same level as Seattle, but you couldn't tell the difference against the 49ers.

And the Colts deserve a lot of credit too. Indianapolis didn't look very good in either of its first two games, though it pulled off a win against the Raiders. They looked like a complete team on Sunday, and given that AFC South rival Houston hasn't looked too great through three weeks, perhaps the trade for Richardson to win now will pay off this season.

As for the 49ers, this loss was a far bigger concern than last week. The Seahawks are a better team than the 49ers, so losing at Seattle was not a big deal, even if the 49ers were dominated 29-3. Bu to get manhandled by the Colts is a red flag. The 49ers have scored 10 points in two weeks. They can't face a Capers defense every week, and they obviously miss receiver Michael Crabtree (and tight end Vernon Davis, who was inactive Sunday because of an injury). And the defense, which has been great the last couple years, hasn't looked vulnerable.

This was supposed to be a pretty easy win for the 49ers. After it wasn't so easy it's worth asking, can the 49ers' problems be easily fixed?

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