Huffington Post hires ex-9/11 truther Donté Stallworth as correspondent

Eric Edholm
Shutdown Corner

Of all the career paths for former NFL player Donté Stallworth to take, national security correspondent for Huffington Post probably wasn't high on the Vegas odds list.

But that's exactly what he's doing next according to the Washington Post.

Go figure.

“Donté has a quick mind, an insatiable curiosity and a passion for politics — the necessary qualities of a great journalist,” said Ryan Grim, the Huffington Post’s Washington bureau chief, in a prepared statement.

This is the same Stallworth who created quite the Twitter uproar — while he was still playing — when he wrote in a post that since has been removed: "NO WAY 9/11 was carried out by "dying" Bin Laden, 19 men who couldn't fly a damn kite. STILL have NO EVIDENCE Osama was connected, like Iraq"

Since then, Stallworth — who played 10 years in the NFL with the Saints, Eagles, Patriots, Browns and Redskins — has come to his own defense amid some reaction to the hire, saying he has flip-flopped on his stance back in 2009.

Still, he has some strong stances on what happened to the country back on September 11, 2001.

A self-described “big history buff," Stallworth has been an outspoken and opinionated man, both in an out of the NFL. He also was involved in a high-profile DUI manslaugher case when he struck and killed 59-year-old man in Florida in 2009, which Stallworth pleaded guilty to and was suspended for an entire NFL season. He returned to the league, which gave him another chance at redemption. Clearly, the Huffington Post wants to do the same.

“We obviously believe in redemption and second chances,” Grim said, per the Post.

Stallworth, who was cut by the Redskins last summer, isn't yet sure exactly what his new duties with Huffington Post will entail.

“As I start to do some projects and start working with the guys and gals over there at Huffington Post, then we’ll get down to some specifics,” he says.

What are your thoughts on this fascination and non-traditional hire from one of the media heavyweights?

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