Greg Cosell’s Film Review; Andrew Luck’s second touchdown to T.Y. Hilton last week was a big-time play

Greg Cosell
Shutdown Corner

I think Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck is going to be terrific. He's light years ahead of the other quarterbacks from last year's draft class, and he has a chance to be an all-timer at that position. Luck was the reason the Colts beat the Seahawks last week.

With his movement and strength Luck compensated for an offensive line that was overmatched, he was effective against Seattle's blitz, and he made some great throws when he had to.

In particular, Luck's 29-yard touchdown to Hilton in the third quarter was as good as it gets.

On the play, I think Luck read the coverage as pure man with a single-high safety. Because when he walked up to the line and looked to the left, he saw cornerback Brandon Browner showing press coverage on Hilton.

Seattle changes the coverage on the snap and goes in "Cover 3" zone. In that defense, if two receivers on one side run vertical routes, the cornerback on that side (Browner) is responsible for both (the safety is responsible for a third vertical route on that side, by tight end Coby Fleener).

Reggie Wayne and Hilton ran vertical routes, and Browner took a half step in to hedge on both routes. That's all Luck needed.

It's not like Browner was beat by five steps. But the throw was so accurate. Luck has outstanding ball placement, both as a touch and velocity passer.

That touchdown to Hilton was a really big time throw.

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