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The Giants victory knocked out not one, but two unsympathetic entities

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Before this past Sunday, there were two organizations you could count on always coming out ahead: the New England Patriots, and the Las Vegas sports books.

But the Giants socked them both in the stomach, and Super Bowl XLII, with each passing day, turns into more and more of a victory for the little guy.

Because a lot of people bet on the Giants to win outright, and because that paid about 3.5-to-1, the general gambling public was able to grab Vegas by the short and curlies.

“We got crushed on the game,” MGM sports book director Robert Walker told the Las Vegas-Review Journal. “The Giants winning outright was our worst-case scenario. We just needed the Patriots to win the game, and we would’ve been fine. There are a lot of happy customers out there.”

Awwww ... poor guy. You just hate to see a tough break for these casinos. They work so hard to make an honest buck, and then something like this happens. Man. Now they might have to postpone plans to build that 140-foot wax sculpture of Wayne Newton that you can drive through.

All told, Vegas lost $2.6 million on the game, which is an all-time record. I'm always happy to see Vegas lose, and $2.6 million sounds like a lot. But in the grand scheme of things for the gambling industry, is $2.6 million all that much? Especially when it's spread out among all the sports books in Nevada?

Don't they make that much in about 15 minutes worth of play on the Wheel of Fortune slot machines? If not, one drunken trip to a blackjack table by Charles Barkley could certainly take care of it.

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