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Fox Sports analyst Jay Glazer’s home burglarized, pit bull not harmed during crime

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Fox Sports analyst Jay Glazer typically uses Twitter to break NFL news. However, he recently used it to air frustrations about his home being broken into.

Glazer began tweeting on Monday night that somebody burglarized his home, despite owning a pit bull and the crime occurring before nightfall. He expressed his irritation on Twitter:

I live 1/2 block from the police station, have a pitbull, yet in broad daylight my house was robbed today. Are u freaking kidding me?!?

— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) January 14, 2014

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson’s home was recently burglarized, which resulted in the loss of $375,000 in cash and jewelry, plus two handguns. Glazer did not want his incident compared to Jackson’s.

And save all your dumbass DeSean Jackson jokes ppl.

— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) January 14, 2014

Glazer proceeded to answer questions from his Twitter followers about the crime.

"@TylerRasmussen_: @JayGlazer what all did they get?">> enough and it seemed they spooked my dog pretty bad and I rescued her recently

— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) January 14, 2014

The thieves locked her out jackass! Wow>>"@COUNT_ON_IT: @JayGlazer why was your dog locked outside you animal abusing piece of shit?"

— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) January 14, 2014

Anyone who has ever been victimized by a burglary can sympathize with Glazer, whether you love or hate him. The good news is his dog was not hurt, and he was not home during the break-in. Even if some of the items stolen from his home cannot be replaced, at least Glazer and his dog were not harmed, which is most important.

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