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Former NFL player Brian Holloway seeking the 300 teenagers who trashed his home while he was away

Anwar S. Richardson
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Brian Holloway (AP)

Former NFL offensive lineman Brian Holloway’s sons, Brian Jr. and Max, could not believe what they were seeing on Twitter this past Labor Day weekend.

There was a huge party going on in Stephentown, N.Y., the city in which they were raised. There were acquaintances tweeting about drugs, alcohol, sex and girls being everywhere. At first, the boys did not think much of it. Then they realized something.

This party was at their home.

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The Holloways live in Tampa, and that home in Stephentown is the family’s summer home. Nobody was authorized to be in their house, but at least 300 teenagers invaded their residence and trashed it on August 31. There were several items stolen from the home, including an eagle statue that was part of a memorial for Holloway Sr.'s stillborn grandson.

According to, police were called to the Holloway’s home. The Rensselaer County Sheriff's Office estimated about 300 teenagers scattered from the home and barns on the former NFL player’s property. Now Holloway has created a website ( that seeks to identify the 300 partygoers. It contains photos from Twitter and Instagram that allegedly depict the teens destroying his house.

“In 2007, we moved down to Florida, and our kids were grown up and gone,” Holloway Sr. told Shutdown Corner. “We were getting live tweets. They were broadcasting from the party. We have 170 confirmed pictures and photos of them from the party as the party is happening. Some of these kids were my son’s classmates. When this was going on, people were tweeting them and saying, ‘Dude, people have broken into your home and they’re having a throw down.’ My son texted me, and we were watching it being broadcast."

The former New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders offensive lineman (he played from 1981-88 and was a three-time Pro Bowler) said he flew from Florida to New York the next day. There is currently $20,000 worth of damage, but Holloway said the final total could hit $250,000.

Here are some photos provided by the family:

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Photo provided by Holloway family

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How will the Holloways find the culprits?

So far, Holloway said authorities have identified 170 people who attended the party. He wants all the teenagers that attend to come and clean up his property, which sits on 200 acres. Holloway said there are countless alcohol bottles, drug paraphernalia and condoms strewn about. In exchange, he promises to let the judge know about their willingness to contribute to the clean-up efforts.

Thankfully, the memorial statue for his grandson was recently left on Holloway's porch.

“Everything that was broken can be fixed,” Holloway Sr. told Shutdown Corner. “Everything that was stolen can be replaced, but 300 lives have to be turned around. If we don’t take a stand for this right now, of those 300, 30 will be dead in 10 years. If they went to a place, and in their head this made sense, they’re already putting themselves in danger and other people on the highway by drinking and driving and doing drugs. The big thing is to get the parents and community members to see what’s going on here because if you don’t take a stand now, trust me, they’re coming to your house next.”

Despite the destruction, Holloway is hosting a pot luck lunch for all military personnel and veterans on his property this weekend. He said anybody who has a military background can show up. On the invitation, Holloway said beer, drugs and alcohol were not allowed at this party.

Too many of those elements were consumed on his property this past Labor Day weekend.

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