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Five teams we’d love to be featured on ‘Hard Knocks’

The news that the NFL has implemented a permanent "Hard Knocks" rotation got us thinking ... Which teams would we most want to see on the show next summer? (Never too soon, right?)

Without further ado, counting down from five ...

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5. Denver Broncos — John Fox is a semi-interesting man to talk to off-camera, but somewhat painful on it. That said, we'd love to get even further inside the head of Peyton Manning (you know, assuming he plays another season and doesn't Jordan us after this year) and see how he works on a daily basis. Plus, you'd have Von Miller, who has become semi-controversial, and Eric Decker, already a seasoned reality TV star.

4. Chicago Bears — It would be part nerd-fest with head coach Marc Trestman and part goof-fest with Martellus Bennett, simply one of the more fascinating and colorful figures in the NFL today. Is Bennett's schtick real? Who knows? We'd watch another dose of that following his memorable rookie-whipping-boy status on the Dallas Cowboys' HK appearance of yore. And Jay Cutler — we'd want to see him ... do something human. The Bears are a bit buttoned-up as a franchise, though, so the series fascination might be restricted to these topics every week, unless James Anderson want to put on a show like he did in Week 1 (check out the above video).

3. Detroit Lions — They are interesting, aren't they? From Ndamukong Suh to Dominic Raiola to ... well, just go down their roster. I mean, Calvin Johnson is camera shy, and Matthew Stafford is a little too likeable for our reality-TV tastes, but the rest of this motley crew would be well worth the price of getting cable TV. And you just know that Gunther Cunningham would join the "Hard Knocks" assistant head coach Hall of Fame after this one aired. I also am dying to hear what Louis Delmas talks like in real life after watching the video (about 10 seconds into it) above.

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2. New England Patriots — It ain't happenin', but we can dream, right? The NFL Network-produced "Bill Belichick: A Football Life" with footage from the trying 2009 season (as trying as 10-6, playoff-bound teams can be) was marvelously interesting. But the fact that it was embargoed for two years shows you about how likely it is that Belichick will give us fresh tape on his club.

1. New Orleans Saints — Sean Payton is on fire these days, as this clip shows. Again. Yeah, maybe he will have cooled off a bit by this time next year after they win another Super Bowl, but we'd be willing to bet there will be plenty of entertainment to go around. Visiting Sean for a Crossfit workout. Rob Ryan carrying on the Ryan "Hard Knocks" tradition with pride. Cracking the mystery of Jimmy Graham's hair color. All sorts of stuff. Plus, I am just a sucker for the city of New Orleans, which would make for a terrific backdrop.

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