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The good people of Jacksonville do not deserve this. They have been plagued with bad-team syndrome for years now, with a mere two postseason appearances since 2000.

Since going 8-8 in 2010, the Jaguars have won five and two games the past two seasons. And now that they lost Sunday, 19-9 to the Oakland Raiders, they remain stuck on zero victories this season — win no clear wins in sight.

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Three of the next four are on the road, starting in Seattle in Week 3. Every opponent from now until Week 13 (Cleveland) has at least one win, and four games left on their schedule will be against 2-0 teams. The Jaguars absolutely, positively will be the early favorites to earn the first pick in the draft, unless the Browns keep up their stellar play.

How bad were things Sunday against the Raiders — once considered the worst team in football? Consider:

• In falling behind 19-3, the Jaguars collected 111 yards of offense on their first 10 drives, nine of which failed to gain more than 24 yards.
• Their two-game totals offensively: 426 yards, 11 sacks allowed, 11 offensive points (we're not counting the safety in Week 1).
• A long play of 30 yards in in eight quarters. Zero offensive targets for Denard Robinson, listed by the team as an "offensive weapon." Remember, there are two acceptable pronunciations for "offensive."
• Zero interceptions this season. One forced fumble recovered.
• Six rushing first downs gained.
• One TD pass, from backup quarterback Chad Henne.

Need we go on?

New head coach Gus Bradley is a positive guy, thank goodness, but he has a major job on his hands. Their quarterback of the future likely isn't on the roster. A rebuilt offensive line hasn't done its job yet. They likely will have new starters at running back and tight end next year, with mainstays Maurice Jones-Drew and Marcedes Lewis likely on their way out.

The best thing that can happen this season is that Bradley identifies a few leaders from their past few draft classes, and a few core guys they can build around. The horses and the superstars just aren't evident on the roster, and that includes the talented but troubled Justin Blackmon, who returns from suspension in Week Five.

Maybe Teddy Bridgewater or some other college quarterback will be a savior. But until then, wins will be at a premium this season and misery could be plentiful. The Jaguars won two last year and might not be better. Are they 0-16 bad? After Sunday's loss to the Raiders, it's at least in the discussion.

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