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Fireman Ed charged with simple assault for pushing Giants fan

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Even fans of the New York Jets can't stay out of trouble with the law.

Famed J-E-T-S fan Fireman Ed has been charged with simple assault stemming from a brief altercation with a Giants fan during the team's preseason meeting at New Meadowlands Stadium. The incident was caught live on ESPN:

That's assault? I've seen worse (and more mature) skirmishes at pee-wee soccer games.

But according to Conor Orr at the Newark Star-Ledger, a judge agreed to charge Ed Anzalone, the 51-year-old retired firefighter, for assaulting Christopher Black, the Giants fan who disrupted his cheer. After the incident on Aug. 16, Black was arrested and banned from the stadium while Anzalone was allowed to stay.

In a statement, Black's lawyer did a lot of whining about his client getting "shoved" and "shoved down to the ground" (get a thesaurus with your retainer, bro), evidently unaware that video of the incident is widely available on a number of video sites.

Black and Anzalone will appear in court at a later date. As of now, the judge has no plans to charge Black for his biggest crime of all: that Amani Toomer(notes) jersey.

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