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From the field: Tebow's motion still a bit funky

Doug Farrar
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It's probably accurate to say that only two things would change the wide swing of opinions on Tim Tebow's NFL future at his pro day. If he showed remarkable progress in his delivery, footwork, ability under center, and overall pro-ready fundamentals, many of the people who have downgraded him for whatever reason (he's not an NFL quarterback, he's just another spread offense guy, if I hear his name one more time, I'm gonna jump off a building, etc.) would have to at least perk up their ears and listen to the guys on the other side of the fence. And if he went out and plotzed in front of an adoring crowd ... well, whether they'll admit it or not, more than one NFL team was going to drop him down their draft boards. You can talk all you want about intangibles, but at some point, a guy's got to show enough to even bank on as a future NFL quarterback.

But if Tebow showed roughly the same kind of attributes he did at Florida, or even a slight improvement based on his off-season work, opinions would probably stay the same overall. There are teams still convinced that he's worth a two-year "redshirt" to get the hang of the pro game, just as there are other teams that wouldn't spend a third-day pick on him.

We'll have more to add from those who are on the scene, but here's an initial Tweet from Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union:

Looks like Tebow worked out one kink and developed another. There's still a small loop & now a bit of a pause in motion. Mechanical looking.

The "slight pause" comment has me thinking of Charles Barkley's golf swing. Maybe Hank Haney's available to work with this kid?

Of course, Wright's already getting flak from his followers - there's a very large group of fans (specifically, all the Jaguars fans in attendance holding up different signs exhorting the Jags to draft Tebow RIGHT NOW) who want this to work on a no-matter-what basis. There's also a pretty good-sized cadre of journalists and coaches, looking for the next Favre to fawn over, who will blow smoke up whatever Tebow does. ("I don't care if he digs a tunnel with his throwing motion - this guy's a winner!") The truth will most likely be somewhere in-between the true believers and the non-believers, and that's what we'll bring to you today.

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