New England’s Chandler Jones won’t tell his Raven brother about his ankle

Maggie Hendricks
January 18, 2013

The brotherly bond between Chandler and Arthur Jones is evident. They come together to support their brother Jon, the UFC light heavyweight champion. They were together when Chandler was drafted to the New England Patriots. However, that brotherly bond doesn't mean they won't try to beat each other on Sunday in the AFC Championship.

Arthur is a defensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens. Chandler has had a breakout year as a defensive lineman for the Patriots, but roughed up his ankle during their divisional win over the Houston Texans. With the two teams playing for a spot in the Super Bowl, Chandler is staying mum about the shape of his ankle.

"I know he got rolled up bad last week, so I was trying to figure out if he was going to play or not and get the inside scoop," Arthur Jones said. "But he's doing a good job not telling me anything."

That's tough, but there is more than a Super Bowl berth on the line. The Jones brother who makes it to the Super Bowl will have bragging rights for life. Can you blame both brothers for trying for every edge?