Eagles’ comeback runs out of time … of course (VIDEO)

Frank Schwab
December 23, 2012

If this was Andy Reid's last home game as Eagles coach, it ended with Philadelphia making a furious comeback but somehow running out of time and finishing with a head-shaking penalty.

Many would say, that's the only way the Reid era in Philadelphia could end.

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Reid, who has been the easy target of jokes regarding his consistent clock mismanagement, could be let go after the season. He and the Eagles gave it a good shot in their home finale, but it ended on a penalty and clock runoff with the Eagles at Washington's 5-yard line. The Redskins, who got 198 yards and two touchdowns in quarterback Robert Griffin's return from a knee injury, can win the NFC East with a victory over Dallas next week.

With Philadelphia trailing 27-20, Nick Foles marched the Eagles from their own 15 to the Redskins' 5. The Eagles took over possession with 4:15 remaining and they had all three timeouts left (and the two-minute warning) but there were only eight seconds left when Foles took what would be the last snap. Foles was under pressure and rolled left, which also wasted valuable time. He was being brought down and tried to throw it away, but the pass didn't get to the line of scrimmage. The Eagles were called for an illegal forward pass, and by rule, the final second was run off the clock, providing a disheartening end to what was a good fourth-quarter effort.

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That isn't the first time that has happened with the Eagles under Reid, though it might be the last.

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