Donovan McNabb not impressed with Chip Kelly offense, calls it a ‘fad’

Eric Edholm
September 19, 2013

Donovan McNabb, opiner of many things these days, was pretty blunt when asked about the offense Chip Kelly has brought to the NFL via the Philadelphia Eagles, McNabb's former team.

“To me, it’s just a fad,” McNabb said.

McNabb has slid nicely into his new role as football analyst. Say bold things, and people will talk about you.

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Thursday night the six-time Pro Bowler will be inducted into the Eagles' Hall of Fame, and his No. 5 jersey will be retired at The Linc. Oh, by the way, there will be a game, too: Kelly's Eagles are taking on Andy Reid, McNabb's former coach, and the 2-0 Chiefs. Perhaps you've heard.

But McNabb has shoehorned his way into the story more here. By openly questioning Kelly's schemes, which set the NFL on fire in Week 1 and were not quite as successful in Week 2, McNabb has set himself up here a little bit. Will Eagles fans boo McNabb? (Let us know in the comments section below, please.) But before you answer, consider what else McNabb said on the matter, courtesy of's Reuben Frank.

“I don’t know if any offensive player would want to run 90 plays in a game," he said. "If you’re running 90 plays in a game, that means your defense is pretty awful and you’re running entirely too many plays.

“At Oregon, [Kelly] may have ran 75 plays in a game, but you’re not going to run 85, 90, not in the NFL, and teams and defensive coordinators are a lot better than what you’re going to see in college.”

McNabb has an interesting point here, one that's shared by others, but his detractors also will remember a certain Super Bowl game in which he appeared to run out of gas on a drive that should have been more of the hurry-up variety.

He also tends to have interesting timing, and saying all this prior to his induction is maybe a bit curious. The reactions to Reid and McNabb will be interesting during the game. But McNabb came into the league under the rain of boos — so be it not fitting he exits the same way?

We're not sure McNabb cares all that much either way. But good for him for speaking his mind. Too few ex-jocks-turned-analysts do.

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