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Donald Driver rewards victim of softball cleat theft with special gift package

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In case you were wondering (and you shouldn't be, if you know his life story), Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver is the epitome of a class act.

When he found out that young Stephen Wagner had the cleat that Driver threw into the stands following the Packers' charity softball game on Sunday stolen right out of his hands, he went on a mission to connect with the boy.

Wagner had the cleat stolen by a reprehensible person named Robyn Ereth, who actually had the temerity to brag about the get on her Facebook page before having to take said page down when she encountered a hail of well-deserved Internet abuse.

Meanwhile, Driver was using Twitter to set things right.

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After reading Tyler Dunne's review of the scandalous incident, Driver tweeted this:


A few hours later, the Packers fan base had pointed Driver in the direction of the young man in question.


He did indeed connect with Stephen on Monday (you can see the picture above).


Driver, a good guy all along, even had a few kind words for Robyn Ereth, who's probably hiding in a garage somewhere in Wisconsin right now.


Indeed. Driver, the most recent winner of "Dancing With the Stars," knows about what matters most. He spent part of his childhood homeless and had to fight for everything he got on his way up in the NFL. There was no obligation on his part to seek out Stephen Wagner and give him a better experience than the one he would have had if he'd caught the cleat with no opposition, but that's just the way Driver is.

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