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Donald Driver compared winning ‘Dancing With The Stars’ to winning Super Bowl

Shutdown Corner

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver was named the winner of the umpteenth season of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" on Tuesday night. He becomes the third football player to win the Mirror Ball Trophy, following in the footsteps of Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward.

Following the victory, Driver was asked whether his victory compared to winning the Super Bowl. "I think it does," he said. "It's truly something special. I reached the greatest milestone in my career, and that was winning the Super Bowl. I just made my partner reach her greatest milestone, and now she's 'Dancing With the Stars' champion."

Judging by his reaction to winning -- pushing away his partner, running around like a college basketball player after a buzzer-beater and flopping on the dance floor like a fish -- I'd say he wasn't being hyperbolic.

Driver has been married to his wife for 12 years and they have three adorable children. You know how you stay happily married for that long? By being smart and not hugging the hot, blonde Australian dancer that you've been writhing around with for 10 weeks.

Here's Driver's final performance on the show, followed by some insta-reactions to the sequined spectacle.

• "Do you remember Cheryl and Drew's freestyle from season 2?" Driver asks. Yes; Yes I do.

• Jorts!

• If Roger Goodell sees how Driver bloodied Peta Murgatroyd, he'll levy a fine of $50,000.

• Cowboy Troy!

"I mean, you know where you got that shirt and it damn sure wasn't the men's department."

• Why is the female judge so out of breath?

• "Too hot to trot!" the old man in the middle said. "In football, catches win matches. And chances with dances." I sort of want to watch this show next season.

• I like Donald Driver blowing a man kiss to the last judge. He should incorporate that when referees rule favorably on replays of his catches.

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