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Did Ravens defensive back James Ihedigbo choke Browns receiver Greg Little?

Frank Schwab
Shutdown Corner

Browns receiver Greg Little was upset with Ravens safety James Ihedigbo on Sunday, ripping his helmet off and throwing it after a play.

Little set off a bit of a storm when he explained this week that he flipped out because Ihedigbo was choking him.

"I know the ref was saying 'let go of his face mask,' but he was choking me, so I'm not (going to let go),'' Little told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "There's a thin line between football and just morals and if you're a man, you're not going to let a guy spit in your face, and your not going to let a guy choke you."

If there's something worse than choking a player on the field, it might be falsely accusing a player of choking you on the field. Ihedigbo flatly denied that he had done such a thing to CSN Baltimore.

“I would never personally cross the lines, or play outside the rules in any manner," Ihedigbo said. "You can freeze the clip. I have my hand on his chest. It is what it is. He ripped off my helmet and threw it. I guess he’s looking back on him losing his cool, saying what took place that didn’t take place. The refs would have seen it. Other players would have seen it, and I would’ve been punished for the play as well. That didn’t take place. He lost his cool, he threw my helmet, therefore the penalty was given on him."

Ihedigbo went on to say that he thought Little might be trying to avoid a fine by the NFL for the helmet throwing by saying Ihedigbo choked him.

The replay showed that Ihedigbo (32) might have done more than put a hand on his chest, but if he did touch Little's (18) neck, it wasn't for very long:

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Ihedigbo said he didn't figure to hear from the NFL office this week about any fine.

“Both times he lost his cool and was penalized for that,” Ihedigbo said, according to CSN Baltimore. “To come back now and say that he was the victim of what happened, clearly game footage, the way the refs handled it, speaks otherwise.”

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