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Denver hugs it out before Fox’s postgame speech

Shutdown Corner

Maybe the Denver Broncos locker room was always this hug-happy. Or maybe it's an underrated aspect of the new Tim Tebow regime. Either way, there were lots and lots of embraces on Sunday after Denver won a crazy 29-23 wild-card game over the favored Pittsburgh Steelers.

Elvis Dumveril is hugging Demaryius Thomas. So are Mario Haggan and Jeremiah Johnson. John Elway and Tim Tebow embrace like two guys at the end of a buddy cop movie. (You're right, Darren Rovell; Elways totally looks jealous right there.) John Fox? He's just hugging everybody.

That's the huggiest NFL locker room I've ever seen. These aren't macho man-hugs; they're chest-to-chest envelopings. It's too bad the cuddly Romeo Crennel is coaching Kansas City now. If they had brought him on as defensive coordinator, that place would have been the happiest this side of Sesame Street.

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