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Defensive coordinator says Andy Reid works 22 hours a day

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According to the team's embattled defensive coordinator, the Philadelphia Eagles aren't struggling because of a lack of hard work. Everyone in Philly is putting in long days, Juan Castillo claims, especially head coach Andy Reid.

"You talk about coach Reid -- let me tell you, that man works 20, 21 hours a day," Castillo told the Philadelphia Daily News. "Sometimes 22 hours a day. That's what we're all doing now, to try to get this going."

Though this would certainly explain why Reid always looks so sleepy during the last two minutes of each half, Castillo's estimate fails to consider a number of key factors, most notably reality. It's impossible to work 21 hours a day. Maybe Reid worked 22 hours that day (though it's highly doubtful) or pulled a Grover Cleveland and worked 22 hours on non-consecutive days, but he's not working that many hours per day.

Castillo's statement is predictable. "Don't blame us for the 3-6 start, we're working hard." Instead of demonstrating strength, the quote's unintentional effect is that it makes Reid look even worse than he already does. In this invented reality where working 22 hours per day is possible, Reid still can't coach his team to hold a fourth-quarter lead? He must be hopeless, in that case.

Why is working excessively and unhealthily a badge of honor in the NFL but nowhere else? The president doesn't boast about how he hasn't slept in days. Steve Jobs never claimed to be spending 22 hours per day at Apple headquarters. Staying up all night and watching the Nikkei at 4 a.m. isn't how Warren Buffet got rich. Hard work is essential to success in any profession. So is balance.

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