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Deep Posts: Rex strikes again

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-- Tony Dungy aside, is there anyone who doesn't look forward to Rex Ryan's next colorful quote? After the Jets' 9-3 Saturday win over the Carolina Panthers, Ryan told Panthers head coach John Fox that "it looked like a pillow fight out there with both offenses struggling." The Jets put up just seven first downs, and just two through the air. Mark Sanchez(notes) completed five of 10 passes for 12 (!) yards, which should lead to a new rash of "Nacho" jokes from Bart Scott(notes) in this week's "Hard Knocks".

-- Speaking of bad quarterback play, Charlie Whitehurst(notes) of the Seahawks fell back to earth against the Packers in a 27-24 loss. First-stringer Matt Hasselbeck(notes) looked very strong, but Whitehurst -- who had people buzzing after last week's 214-yard, two-touchdown performance against the Tennessee Titans - looked very much like the career backup he has always been against Green Bay. Whitehurst made several questionable decisions, which led to just nine completions in 20 attempts and two picks. Worse news for the Seahawks: Left tackle Russell Okung(notes), the sixth overall pick in the 2010 draft, suffered an ankle sprain in the Packers game and could miss several games.

-- No quarterback in the NFL should be more concerned about protection than Chicago Bears signal-caller Jay Cutler(notes), who was under siege in Saturday's 32-17 loss to the Oakland Raiders. Cutler was sacked five times in the first half, four times by Kamerion Wimbley(notes). Left tackle Chris Williams was repeatedly blasted by Wimbley, and the Bears have to be able to expect more from the former first-round pick. Cutler called the sack total "unacceptable," but he'd better get used to it at this rate. For the second straight year, the Bears may have the NFL's worst offensive line.

-- We brought you the story of Albert Haynesworth's most recent discontent this morning, and the early returns from Redskins Land are not at all positive. Former Washington all-purpose yardage maven Brian Mitchell, now a team analyst, said that if he were a teammate of Haynesworth's, things could easily get physical.

"It's time to get the veteran guys, all the leaders of this team, and let's have a knockdown, drag-out," Mitchell said. "Let him know how you feel. Either you're with us or you're not. Because it's time for all this Me-Me-Me stuff to disappear....If he's gonna keep messing like that, in my day, somebody'd put their hands on him ... he'd get a knuckle sandwich "

-- Don't forget, kids - Sunday Night Football's Vikings-49ers game will be your source for all Brett Favre(notes) news. When you're watching Brett Favre, and watching the replays of Brett Favre, and just thinking of Brett Favre, you'll be able to watch Brett Favre when Brett Favre plays in the first couple of series tonight for Brett Favre's Vikings. And even when other players (who are not Brett Favre, but certainly wish that they were) do exceptional things (with the help of Brett Favre), don't worry - your friendly announcers will be sure to bypass those little (non-Brett Favre) things so that you can stay focused on the important things. Like Brett Favre's return, Brett Favre's potential retirement, how Brett Favre and Brett Favre's head coach are getting along, how three of Brett Favre's teammates went down to Mississippi (also known as the home of Brett Favre) in a plane to bring Brett Favre back to Minnesota (also known as the home of Brett Favre).

And you can also expect Al and Chris to parse every single Brett Favre second of Brett Favre's press conference announcing Brett Favre's return. This will nuke most of the game commentary (a game in which Brett Favre is playing!), and you'll have to figure out what's happening on the field by yourself, but that's a small price to pay for your daily dose of Brett Favre. Brett Favre Brett Favre Brett Favre. Thank you.

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