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• There's absolutely no heavenly reason for me to combine the words "Flacco" and "Doodle" in the headline, other than the fact that I think "FlaccoDoodle" would be an awesome word. Nevertheless, it's for charity, and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco(notes) makes a mean doodle.

• Could Tavares Gooden(notes) be the next great Ravens linebacker? Possibly. If not, there's always the rap career to fall back on.

• The baddest men in the NFL. Certainly, the quarterback is inarguable.

• Here's a Steelers fan who thinks the Steelers should sign Brett Favre. I have nothing to add.

William Beatty(notes), rookie offensive tackle for the New York Giants, had an offer for an art scholarship. He also loves to cook soul food. And he used to sew his nursing student girlfriend new scrubs. He sounds like an all-around wonderful man. I'd sort of like to date him.

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