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Deep Posts: Martellus Bennett has some kind of travel agent

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• As we've mentioned before, Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett(notes) is blogging, and his latest post is about how he took a vacation to an island inhabited by dinosaurs, and how a Saurornithoides slapped him with its tail, and he slapped it back "Ike Turner style." I'm not making up a single word of this. Gracias, Spencer Hall at The Sporting News.

• Former Minnesota Viking Esera Tuaolo has released an album.

• ESPN's Outside the Lines catches up with Ed Hochuli to see if he's over the gigantic blown call he had last year. He is, and he's as buff as ever.

• The Fifth Down looks at the Jets new marketing opportunities in the Hispanic community, with Mark Sanchez(notes) as the face of the franchise.

• The 49ers have interest in Joe Horn? Awesome.

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