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Deep Posts: Let's hope Keyshawn takes Emmitt with him

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Keyshawn Johnson is still thinking hard about that comeback. [Yahoo! Sports]

• Texans wide receiver Jerome Mathis gets really, really upset when he can't find his cell phone charger. Yikes. [With Leather]

• We previewed the crop of free agent cornerbacks yesterday, but, since teams still have until Thursday to put the franchise tag on players, we're going to wait until Friday to start rolling out the other positions. Sorry. I may have jumped the gun on that one. [Me]

• For example, Kansas City applied the franchise tag to defensive end Jared Allen. [Yahoo! Sports]

• And the Ravens did the same with Terrell Suggs, though there's some confusion about whether he should be tagged as a linebacker or a defensive end. The difference? About $800,000 for Suggs. It probably won't matter, though, because they want to sign him to a long-term deal soon anyway. [Yahoo! Sports]

• The Eagles have apparently given Lito Sheppard permission to seek a trade. [All Things Philly Sports]

• Cris Collinsworth will no longer have to listen to Dan Marino brag about how he was in Ace Ventura. [Yardbarker]

• Michael David Smith gives an in-depth breakdown of how exactly the Patriots plan to defend themselves against whatever Matt Walsh says. [FanHouse]

Vince Young is back in school. Can you imagine the kind of action Vince Young could get on the Texas campus? The mind reels. [The Tennesseean]

Tom Brady's gotten slightly more charismatic over time. [The Big Lead]

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