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Deep Posts: Drew Brees, Robot Quarterback

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This guy? He's pretty good. (Getty Images)

-- How good was Drew Brees against the Detroit Lions in the wild-card round last Saturday night? Even better than you may think: 33 of 43 for 466 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions, and two sacks — well, that looks still more impressive when you factor in that he threw just one pass that was a negative play. In the end, according to advanced opponent-adjusted metrics, it was the second-best quarterback performance of the last 20 years. Also: Happy Tim Tebow stats! [Football Outsiders]

-- Former New York Jets receiver Derrick Mason adds his voice to the choir of folks who would like to chime in: The Jets are a mess. In fact, according to Mason, who's planning to retire from the NFL, the Jets are a "cluster-you-know-what."

"You don't see stuff like this; it's not the norm," Mason said of the team's dysfunction. "Before I left, you could see it materializing. Things heated up. If I was the problem, it would have stopped. If I was the guy complaining, it would have stopped. I wasn't the cancer in the locker room." []

-- Here are the favorite tight end routes run by the New England Patriots. Not included, but important: The "Jump up and out-muscle the defensive back, making him look like a little girl" concept, which is a particular favorite of Rob Gronkowski's. Good luck with that, Denver Broncos... [National Football Post]

-- Where correlation meets causation in a bar, they grapple for a while in a bar, they stumble outside, and they fall down: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution would like us to know that the Atlanta Falcons were 1-6 in games where they attempted 40 or more passes. Well, we're guessing they were undefeated in games where they called a kneel-down at the end of the game, too. It's kind of the point that you're going to throw more when you're behind in a game. Not the strongest indictment of the Falcons' overall offensive philosophy, which had quite a few charges brought against it by the New York Giants. []

-- There are a few other myths that apparently need busting — the folly of first-round playoff momentum, the mathematical goofiness of fourth-down success calculations, the sheer dumbosity of the "Quarterback X isn't a playoff quarterback" argument, and the inanity of the "bench your rookie quarterback/start your rookie quarterback" dogma. [NBC Sports]

-- New Oakland Raiders general manager is contemplating head coach Hue Jackson's future. Judging from Jackson's press conference to end the 2011 season, McKenzie had best put his shoulder pads on if he winds up giving out bad news. [Contra Costa Times]

-- Certain members of the San Francisco 49ers roster are still a little bit sore about the New Orleans Saints' strategy to blitz heavily when the two teams met in the preseason — exhibition games are generally full of vanilla coverages and pressure schemes as new players work to get with the program. The two teams face off again in the divisional round of the playoffs this weekend. [Sacramento Bee]

-- Former Atlanta Falcons defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder has agreed to take the same position at Auburn, which means that the NFL has lost one of its greatest mustaches. Thank goodness Jeff Fisher is getting ready to return to the sidelines! [Pro Football Weekly]

-- Some guy named Flip Bondy writes the longest headline ever and Googles the phrase "overrated Eli Manning" to set up his conclusion. Um … OK. [New York Daily News]

-- Believe it or not, the playoffs are exciting, even without the Philadelphia Eagles! []

-- Sprint Right Option from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark, 30 years later. [Washington Post]

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