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Deep Posts: Cutler's getting charted

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A few things to mull over while we wait to hear what Tony Dungy thinks of Antonio Cromartie's theories on procreation...

-- Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune and the National Football Post is one of the best beat writers out there. Why? Because when he heads out to training camp, he doesn't just talk golf with the other writers and whine about the media lunch. Through the entire 2010 Chicago Bears training camp, Biggs charted every single pass thrown by Jay Cutler(notes) in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. According to Biggs, Cutler completed 68 percent of his passes (though it must be said, against defenses specifically instructed not to hit him under any circumstances). He also threw 10 picks in 475 attempts. Cutler's leading receiver was tight end Greg Olsen(notes), which gives Bears fans hope that offensive coordinator Mike Martz will finally reverse his ideas on throwing to tight ends and utilize Chicago's best receiver. That hope will last until the end of the first regular-season game, in which Olsen will catch one pass on two targets and block inline 80 percent of the time.

-- The New York Giants have signed former Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Shawn Andrews, who has been out of the game since March after the Eagles released him. He's been dinged for motivational issues and he's overcoming back problems, but Andrews can play at a Pro Bowl level if the stars are aligned. The Giants' staff has proven able to coach up-line talent, so we'll see if this isn't a steal for the G-Men down the road.

-- Thursday, Kyle Orton signed a one-year contract extension that will pay him an additional $8.8 million through the 2011 season. Of course, 95 percent of the national coverage on this story has been about how Orton's signing would affect Tim Tebow(notes).

-- And speaking of marquee quarterbacks, that Brett Favre guy could earn as much as $28 million this year if the Vikings win the Super Bowl. I am only OK with this happening if the Vikings lose the regular-season opener to the Saints in overtime, thus causing the "Brett Favre Rule" to blow up in Roger Goodell's face.

-- Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing(notes) was told by the NFL that his four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy will stand. The league didn't buy team owner Bob McNair's "Overtrained Athlete Syndrome" defense, though Cushing might have another ace in the hole if he chooses to use it -- the league doesn't test as stringently for HCG as for other drugs, and apparently didn't do so in Cushing's case.

Hmmm ... I wonder if Roger Clemens will give "OAS" a shot?

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