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DeAngelo Williams becomes the latest Carolina Panther to call out former coordinator Rob Chudzinski

Eric Edholm
Shutdown Corner
The Carolina Panthers are 1-2, the same record as the Rob Chudzinski-coached Cleveland Browns. But the former team appears to be glad it rid itself of its former offensive coordinator.

Earlier this month, Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith said the 2012 Panthers got too cute offensively and that Chudzinski was calling plays with trying to land a head-coaching job on his mind.

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Now on Tuesday, Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams was the latest to join the Trash Chud Party. Williams took a shot at his former coach, saying that he failed to establish the run game enough when he was in Carolina — and apparently still does — after Williams has looked strong under new coordinator David Shula.

"I'm not going to start anything or push anything out there," Williams told ESPN. "I can say this, though — a different offensive coordinator. I can definitely say that. The last offensive coordinator got rid of his starting running back."

Uh, that would be Trent Richardson that Williams is referring to. The Browns dealt him to the Indianapolis Colts for a first-round pick in 2014.

But Williams, who is third in the NFL with 294 rushing yards through three games, apparently still harbors ill will towards Chudzinski for not being used properly last season amid everyone asking Williams what the difference this season has been. He hedged in his comments, however, saying that the criticism is more about what Chudzinski is doing in Cleveland.

"Did I take a shot? Or did I speak facts?" Williams said rhetorically. "A shot is just like it can be factual but it's really not. That was all facts. I wasn't taking a shot at him — he knows what he's doing."

Ok, then. There are facts, though, to back up Williams as far as how the Panthers' offense has changed under Shula. They are throwing the ball less often (46 percent of the time versus 54 in 2012) and are employing more of a traditional run game, in lieu of the read-option series that Chudzinski favored.

"You tell me what the difference is in 2013 versus 2012," Williams said.

We just did, DeAngelo. Now we'll see if it pays off in more victories once Carolina returns from its Week 4 bye.

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