John Murphy

Dealing with death

Shutdown Corner

The word of Denver Broncos backup running back Damien Nash's death on Saturday night stunned everyone in attendance for the NFL Scouting Combine, but no one more than his agent David Canter of DEC Management. Canter was going to make the short trip to St. Louis to lend his condolences to the family, but later returned to Indianapolis to take care of his other clients.

In the seven-plus years of knowing and communicating with Canter, who is widely known as a guy with a lot of flair and charisma, he was without words to describe his heavy heart and could only say that coming back to work was the only way he knew how to deal with something so tragic. Most times we cover the negatives that come out of a player/agent relationship, but incidents like this and the loss of fellow Bronco Darrent Williams On Jan. 1 have shown how real life can effect even the most tough-skinned player agent.

*Oklahoma junior running back Adrian Peterson had a well-rounded workout on Sunday excluding his sub-4.4 40-times. He had a 38.5” on the vertical and 10’7” on the broad jump. However, word came out on Monday morning that Peterson had been contacted either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning about the sudden death of his step-brother who was shot and killed in Texas.
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