Darrell Stuckey tweets cute pic of baby daughter inside what might be a new Chargers helmet

Kevin Kaduk

Is this a new San Diego Chargers helmet? The Internet is speculating that it might be. It looks very similar to some of the team's old-school throwbacks — the Chargers wore numbers on their helmets in the early days — but there's an entire army of Redditors picking apart the tiny differences that could signal a new choice of protective headwear for the Bolts this fall.

Us? We're more enthralled by the baby inside the helmet. Her proud pop is Darrell Stuckey, the Chargers safety, and it goes without saying he was obviously more concerned with showing off his family's new arrival than tipping anyone off about his future wardrobe.

Still, we're of the firm belief that all offseason uniform clues should include tiny adorable babies inside their father's oversized gear. That sound you just heard was Shutdown Corner setting its "squee" levels to high.

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